11 Great Places to Drop a Line in Northeast North Dakota

By Real. Good. Staff

June 18, 2024

Fordville Dam

No boat, no problem! For those who don’t own a boat, fishing piers are a great way to access the water and Northeast North Dakota is home to several great, public fishing piers with a variety of fish species.  They are easy to get to and you might pick up a tip or two from your fishing neighbors!

Northeast North Dakota Fishing Guide

Northeast North Dakota Fishing Guide

Make It a Weekend

These great locations feature campgrounds for a quick weekend getaway and an opportunity to fish a little longer. 

Renwick Dam

If fishing excites you but your family members prefer beach activities, hiking, or exploring history, Renwick Dam at Icelandic State Park is the perfect spot for each of you to “do you”! Just six miles west and one mile north of Cavalier, the State Park has a campground and is home to the Pembina County Museum and the Pioneer Machinery Museum. Note: Admission to Icelandic State Park is required.

McVille Dam

Perhaps staying close to town is your way of roughing it? The McVille Dam is located just one mile east of McVille. There is also has a convenient campground for overnight stays.

Homme Dam

Smack dab in the middle of Real. Good. Northeast North Dakota, Homme Dam is located just two miles west of Park River, along with a campground and recreation area.

Fordville Dam

Haul the camper or stash a tent and stay the night at Fordville Dam, located two miles south, one mile east and one mile south of Fordville. 

Stump Lake

If fishing isn’t all you want to do, Stump Lake is home to Stump Lake Village, a historical village which hosts events throughout the summer.  It is located twelve miles south and one mile west of Lakota or 8 miles north one mile west of Pekin. 

Larimore Dam

Larimore Dam has a campground and recreation area and is just two miles northeast of Larimore.

Mount Carmel Dam

Through the Pembina Gorge and just to the west, Mount Carmel Dam, located 19 miles west and two miles north of Walhalla, has a campground and recreation area.

River Fishing at Its Finest

Known as the Catfish Capital of the North, Drayton hosts a Catfish Capital Challenge each year, but the Red River also has other fish species. The fishing pier is in the city park.

Enjoy the sweet spot in Pembina where the Pembina River flows into the Red River. Pembina offers a floating dock, shore (or boat) fishing, there is no Game & Fish pier. There also is a nice fish cleaning station. Don’t miss the annual Pembina Catfish Tournament.

Back to the Basics

Spend a quick day fishing at Whitman Dam, located one and a half miles north, three miles east of Whitman and Bylin Dam, located three miles east and three miles south of Adams. Both locations have Game and Fish fishing piers.

Helpful Links

For more information about these fishing pier locations, visit ND Game and Fish.

Purchase a fishing license.

ND Fishing Regulations  

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